Sunday, May 26, 2013

Annual AGM of Pandu Puteri 25th May 2013

At the annual convention of Girl Guides, all the states representatives were in Kuala Lumpur for the 2 days event to network and renew relationships.  Among the events, was Laughter Yoga  to bring mirth, joy as well as fun to the participants.  All the pandu puteris, old and young felt energised and carried the laughter with them throughout the rest of the day..  HoHo HaHaHa..ha ha ha.
Introducing the concept of LY

Ladies getting ready to  Laugh

Aah..laugh until belly hurts.



Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laughter Yoga on NTV7

Wonderful publicity for Laughter Yoga on 11th March 2013.  NTv7 invited me to talk about laughter therapy on their BreakFast Show with hosts Sasha and Rashid.  I was only too happy to oblige as it enables more people to understand the power of laughter and how it can help them in their daily lives.  The link to the talk show  :

The Breakfast Talk  show  Studio

With talk show hosts Sasha and Rashid

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BE WELL Fair - 9th November 2012

A Be Well Fair - bringing awareness to maintaining  good health is- an annual affair at a well know international company.  This year, I was invited to bring laughter to the staff, on top of the medical check-up booths and other health drinks and supplement booths.  After the opening address by the senior HR staff, my session started with a short explanation on the benefits of laughter and how the the laughter session is conducted. The laughter session ended with a simple, yet powerful and meaningful song on health.    One member of the staff was amazed at how her belly shrunk after the one hour session, and she could button up her pants nicely!!  Very good, very good Yah!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Laughter Yoga in Corporate Management Meeting

 Corporate management meetings are always stressful, for the CEO as well as  for the senior managers.  Full day in the boardroom, from morning to evening working on the  progress of the company.  Won't it be wonderful to be able to have a breather midway through the day, to get energised and continue the meeting fully charged.
One such CEO, whose office is in Shah Alam decided that Laughter is the best way to recharge and work the stress away.  I was engaged to do 1 hour of LY with the senior managers, at the morning break.  Wow...laughed till the tears came, laughed until unable to stop... Laughing away the stress.  Recharged the brain with oxygen and immediately relieved the tension.  What a wonderful and happy method to relieve stress.  HoHoHaHaHa....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October- Health and Wellness Month

OCTOBER Is the month of Health Awareness. 
 From Radio Stations, deejays brought in doctors to inform the public on diseases of cancer, heart, arthritis and osteoporosis.  Cancer societies celebrated life after cancer with cancer survivors.   We are being reminded to Live a Healthy Life style and to get moral support through support groups.  Such groups provide an avenue for patients to share their fears, trials and tribulation be informed that each and everyone of them is not alone......
I was invited by some of these organisations to bring Laughter to the participants, to bring happiness in the midst of their learning..

 Tung Shin Hospital celebrated World Heart Day with a public event at the hospital's community hall on 6th October. There were activites such as free health screening, dietetic counselling, health talks and lucky draws.  A qigong session was held for the public.  An hour of LY session was conducted.  Many had not experienced LY before, especially the nurses, who were present to laugh away the stress of their work.. HoHoHaHaHa.

On 20th October, Cancerlink Foundation held a day long event for Cancer Survivors.  There were  40 participants engaged in a day filled with activities; from Yoga breathing, Qigong, Cane Exercises, Laughter Yoga, as well as talks by experts on healthy dieting, and how to attract the things we want in life.

Breathing Exercises with Yoga Master
Qigong Exercises

21st October saw the Arthritis Foundation celebrating World Arthritis Day at Sunway Medical Centre.

Most of the attendees were members of the arthritis foundation, suffering from various degree of arthritis.  It is a debilitating disease and even  children can suffer from it.  Speakers include rheumatologist,  physiotherapist as well as a specialist on child rheumatology from Selayang Hospital.   I was invited to bring Laughter to the attendees, who could do with more laughter, as they try to  manage their lifes living with arthritis.

With Annie Hay, committee member .
Participants were invited on stage to laugh 

An explanation on LY

Monday, October 1, 2012

Laughter Yoga at Tung Shin Hospital - 6th October,Saturday,2012

Laughter At CEO Breakfast in Garibaldi, Bangsar (19th Sept 2012)

 How to get a group of  VIPs to laugh happily, early in the morning, before the serious business of listening to speakers?? WHY, with Laughter Yoga, of course.  I was engaged to do something different at a CEO Breakfast event in Garibaldi Restaurant, Bangsar.
All present did not expect to laugh so heartily and work out a little bit of sweat with LY.  By this event, I am happy to say that LY has the attention of  senior management of various corporations and how Laughter can help break the ice and promote teamwork within the company.  WONDERFUL!!!